Herbal Extracts & Phyto-Elixers

The most concentrated and low alcohol

Phytoreform liquid herbal extracts are prepared via maceration or percolation with an alcohol-water mixture and then distilled to the desired concentration. Phytoreform extracts usually use a 1: 1 ratio, ie 1000 gr of herbs are used for the preparation of 1 liter (1000 g) extract.

Instead of liquid extracts, liquid tinctures are put on the market by other manufacturers. This usually uses a 1:10 ratio, ie 100 grams of herbs are used to prepare 1 liter (1000 grams) of tincture. Phytoreform herbal extracts are therefore many ” stronger ” emails than these tinctures.

Another big advantage of the Phytoreform herbal extracts is the low alcohol content. Due to a unique process of its own, the liquid extracts of Phytoreform contain only up to 15% alcohol while retaining a wide variety of highly concentrated active ingredients. Tinctures from other manufacturers often contain a substantially higher alcohol content, from 45% – 60%.